Change Log

v 1.2.2 11.21.20

Added 24 real restaurants and 3 verified! Sharing on social media

v 1.2.1 11.18.20

Removed all restaurants and started readding confirmed openings 

v 1.3 08.32.20

Stopped updating the platform as most restaurants have opened

Updates on the latest platform releases as they are deployed

v 1.2 05.18.20

110 restaurants are now on the system. Minor UI changes and work is beginning to fix some of the card issues.

v 1.1 05.04.20

It’s been a month! Julia has added food and beverages for all 100+ restaurants. Search is improved, work has started on improvements for maps & adding support for orders/gift cards. We need more featured businesses. We’re force-feeding donations on the homepage for support.

v 1.0 04.28.20

Bye-bye proof of concept! I ditched all temporary code displays and made a custom website from scratch. New tab system for the homepage. Businesses can now display menu items + booze. You can now search better, and menu items and booze are included. Improved menu navigation for PC users. New delivery apps display. New business view includes hide and seek functionality (we will hide data unless we have it). Thanks Julia for your hard work doing data entry.

v 0.1.1 04.20.20

Added 100 businesses! Minor tweaks

v 0.1 04.15.20

Improved minor SEO, featured images, removed test features, and improved existing features. Launch!

v 0.09 04.13.20

Created system for filtering by new, open, and all. Removed “featured” section for now

v 0.08 04.12.20

Added 50+ businesses to the system, improved photo alignment

v 0.07 04.11.20

Added basic search, validation & fixed major bug with business hours causing open/close not to work properly

v 0.06 04.10.20

Added Alcohol options to business profiles

v 0.05 04.08.20

Added 30 businesses, and added tags for business cards

v 0.04 04.07.20

Fixed issues with profiles, cleaned up interface

v 0.03  04.06.20

More organized profiles, new card menu for businesses, added food types, cleaner header

v 0.02 04.05.20

Setup 3rd party support for delivery apps. Initiated new hours system for profiles, known bug with “open/closed” feature

v 0.01 04.04.20

Deployed the initial system to collect and display data. Basic map and basic business directory.

Payments are processed by PayPal and are not hosted on our system.

v 0.1 Homepage Responsive image

v 0.1 Business Responsive image